Let companies and researchers test sustainable and smart technology in a lifelike environment. That is what The Green Village in Delft is doing.

A new laboratory has risen on the TU Delft campus that is unique in Europe: The Green Village. It is a living laboratory, and unlike other “living labs,” it is not a room on the fifth floor of an office building, but an experimental mini-neighborhood where people actually live and work. There are cars driving around, autonomous and otherwise. And even lampposts play an active role in the research. “Our goal is to bring together parties who want to conduct research into a sustainable future,” says René Tamboer, manager of Partners & Financing at The Green Village.

The necessary data infrastructure has been developed in close collaboration with SURF.

The technology
SURF is providing a system for The Green Village that brings together data from all kinds of sources, stores it securely and at the same time makes it quickly available for many applications and users. Open source software such as Apache Kafka is being used for this purpose.