What does EuroCC?

EuroCC aims to build a European network of 33 national HPC competence centres to bridge the existing HPC skills gaps while promoting cooperation across Europe.

The establishment of a European network of 33 national HPC competence centres (NCCs) is coordinated by the EuroCC project. This falls under The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) from the European Union.


What is the Goal of  NCC Netherlands

The NCC Netherlands aims at facilitating the knowledge sharing in the topics of HPC, HPDA and AI among all interested national parties (research institutes, SMEs, big industries, public administration and society in general), as well as to offer access to these competencies for other stakeholders at international level and be a driver for innovation. The NCC Netherlands will be used as a starting point to get access to HPC, HPDA and AI resources in the Netherlands.

A National Competence Centres (NCCs) is the the central point of contact for HPC and related technologies in the country. There are NCC’s across the whole of Europe.

Each NCC has as their missions to:

  • Develop and display a comprehensive and transparent map of HPC competences and institutions in their country
  • Act as a gateway for industry and academia to providers with suitable expertise or relevant projects, may that be national or international
  • Collect HPC training offers in their country and display them on a central place together with international training offers collected by other NCCs
  • Foster the industrial uptake of HPC
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