Academic use of HPC

In terms of access to computing and consultancy time on HPC facilities, the Dutch government is funding general access for Dutch research institutes via the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), whereas SURF is in charge of hosting the national Dutch HPC systems. Therefore, researchers connected to academic institutions can make use of knowledge and HPC time by requesting access via SURF directly (for small projects) and also NWO (for large projects).

Work efficiently

When you do research most likley you work closely with other researchers, institutions, tools like HPC or other tools. For researchers and research collaborations arranging and managing access to research services (for example creating accounts or disabling them) often takes a lot of time and resources; something you would rather spend on actual research. A new service (GEANT AARC BPA compliant) provides research collaborations with fast, easy, and secure access: SURF Research Access Management (SRAM).