Authors: Scown, Murray W. (36844681600); Dunn, Frances E. (56818633500); Dekker, Stefan C. (7004055479); van Vuuren, Detlef P. (7003501910); Karabil, Sitar (57197754886); Sutanudjaja, Edwin H. (37017680100); Santos, Maria J. (55851941421); Minderhoud, Philip S.J. (53984738000); Garmestani, Ahjond S. (6507938636); Middelkoop, Hans (7004344921)

Deltas play a critical role in the ambition to achieve global sustainable development given their relatively large shares in population and productive croplands, as well as their precarious low-lying position between upstream river basin development and rising seas. The large pressures on these systems risk undermining the persistence of delta societies, economies, and ecosystems. We analyse possible future development in 49 deltas around the globe under the Shared Socio-economic and Representative Concentration Pathways until 2100.