EuroCC at Dutch HPC-community get-together


Nationtal Competence Center (NCC) Netherlands is engaged in strengthening the uptake of HPC-related technologies and expertise. That is why we value every opportunity to discuss together with the Dutch community the actions we need to take toward this common goal.

Last Thursday, March 16, our colleagues from NCC Netherlands attended the Dutch HPC Community get-together organized by Team IRIS (International Research and Innovation Cooperation) of RVO.


We presented at the Dutch HPC Community get-together, following the publication of the #EuroHPC Joint Undertaking’s  (JU) Work Programme 2023. We had a unique opportunity to understand how to extract maximum value from JU’s programmes and also evaluate the Dutch priorities for the future.
We understood which strategies to prioritise and which initiatives can be pursued in our current landscape to encourage a Dutch coalition. The constant interaction with our stakeholders and the collaboration between the HPC key players in the Netherlands will be essential to ensure our common goals are achieved.

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