What is HPC?

High-Performance Computing is the ability to process massive data and perform complex calculations at high speed to solve large problems in science, engineering and business.

A supercomputer is one the best-known types of HPC solutions and enables parallel processing: thousands of computer nodes working together to complete one or more tasks for simulation and calculation; in comparison one should combine thousands of typical computers working together to achieve similar results.

High performance computing system

What can HPC do for you?

High-performance computing systems are there anytime that you need a boost in your computational resources, so that you may have different options to enhance your calculations. No matter if you are looking for scalability of your own laptop setup, some large-scale data processing platform or highly parallel simulation: you may be able to choose the right HPC platform to achieve your goals.

Example of companies that used HPC

Living lab for a sustainable world

Let companies and researchers test sustainable and smart technology in a lifelike environment that is what The Green Village in Delft is doing. The necessary data infrastructure has been developed in close collaboration with SURF.

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Computer models in the fight against plastic soup

How can you remove “plastic soup” from the ocean? The Ocean Cleanup received help to predict the waves and currents better from SURF, in the form of processor time on the supercomputer Cartesius.

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