Introduction to Deep Learning

This online course “Introduction to Deep Learning” will teach you the theoretical ánd practical basics of deep learning. In the course, you’ll learn how deep neural networks work and how they are optimized.

Every 2 months

Caspar van Leeuwen
Monica Rotulo

What will you learn?

During our hands-on sessions you will have the opportunity to work on our high-performance systems and train neural networks to solve an image classification problem. We’ll cover various neural network architectures: from a basic fully connected network, to a convolutional neural network and variational auto-encoders (time permitting).

In this course you will learn to:

  • Understand how a neuron and neural network works
  • Understand how a neural network is trained
  • Explore the effect of hyperparameters on neural network performance
  • Work with a high-level machine learning API (Keras)

For Whom?

Everyone interested in deep learning, but with no (or little) current experience & knowledge.


  • Python
  • Basics of linear algebra
  • Basic statistics


  • Neural network: basics
    • How does a neuron work?
    • Fully connected networks
    • Training/optimizing a neural network
  • Convolutional neural networks (CNNs)
  • (Variational) Auto-Encoders


Participation is free of charge

The language of instruction is English


Do you want to participate?

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